Define. Understand. Prioritize.

Accelerate your mission and win influence in the community through the power of design!

What is the FORGE?

The FORGE is a process that will define the mission and brand for your church, help you understand your community through research, demographics, and other metrics, as well as prioritize your goals to ensure you are being as effective and efficient as possible with the resources you have.

Define your DNA.

We start with why you do what you do.

Everything is birthed from this.


Understand your community.

We help you discover who is coming and why, who is not coming, and how to get them. 


Prioritize your goals.

We help you see the big picture and which goals will have the best return on mission.


"The Forge is a comprehensive approach to better understanding your community, and leading forward in a cohesive strategy to communicate the Gospel contextually."

Devan Sylvester - PAOC BC/Yukon

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